Pet Export

Having pets in China, Hong Kong and Macau wanting to export elsewhere?  You’ve come to the right page!

Every relocation starts with WHERE, WHAT and WHEN.

WHERE –Where are you taking your pet to (destination)? Where are you from (origin)?

WHAT – What kind of pet you’ve got? What are the requirements? What documents are needed?

WHEN – When is the planned departure date?

Our consultants knows all the unique requirements and controls all the timing.  That’s how we do pet relocation smoothly.

We can help you planning and coordinating with all parties involved – including the veterinary, quarantine department, export control department, import control of the destination, airlines, cargo receiving and handling agents at the destination, your agent or company representative.

Pet export preparation and can be very different depending on your destination city.  Some are simple but some can be very complicated involving blood tests, treatment and even prior booking of arrival quarantine.  But you can always contact our consultant for an estimate with a little heads up for the preparation.

pet export
Pet export departure – excess baggage
Pet export cargo
Pet export departure – cargo
Export vet check
Export vet check


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