Pet Import

Are you planning on moving to China, Hong Kong or Macau with your pet?  You’ve come to the right page!

Every relocation starts with WHERE, WHAT and WHEN.

WHERE – Where are you from (origin)? Where are you taking your pet to (destination)?

WHAT – What kind of pet you’ve got? What are the requirements? What documents are needed?

WHEN – When is the planned arrival date?

Our consultants knows all the unique requirements and controls all the timing. That’s how we do pet relocation smoothly.

We can help you planning and coordinating with all parties involved – including the veterinary, quarantine department, export control department, import control of the destination, airlines, cargo receiving and handling agents at the destination, your agent or company representative.

As pet import rules varies from one place to another, be sure that the information you have is most up-t-date from the authority, or try ask a pro


Pet import arrival
Pet import – arrival check and clearance
Pet import arrival delivery
Pet import – arrival delivery
Pet import - checks in quarantine
Pet import – checks in quarantine

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