pet re-united
Happy owner & pet re-united after the big move!

Some of the testimonials here  :)

=====Gilles M. on 28/04/2014=====

Dear Andie,We want to let you know that Dazzle arrived at Lyon’s airport today in the afternoon.We have had some problems with the french veterinarian authorities in Lyon, because the vet in Paris airport didn’t sign the good document …. but after several hours it is now OK.We want to thank you a lot for the high quality of all what you have done and the quality of all the documents you produce.That’s due to the quality of all these documents that the french veterinarian authorities finally accept to give us the dog.THANK YOU  a lot !!!!!!Dazzle was very tired but very very happy to meet my wife and my daughter again !!!!

Best Regards for all what you have done.


=====Ross W. on 27/04/2014=====


Peach arrived in great form and she has settled in to her new home very well.

She has made friends with her new roommate too(find attached photo).

Thanks for all your help.



=====Sheelah G. on 01/09/2013=====

Dear Puspa,

Thanks again for the efforts of you and your staff. Zulu is happy to be back with us. :)

Kind regards,

Sheelah, Bernard & Zulu

=====Paul B. on 27/08/2013=====

Hi Linus,

Sorry for my late reply, I had a few relaxing weeks in England with Benji and I didn’t check my emails.

Thanks for all your help! Benji seemed absolutely fine when I collected him at Heathrow, nobody would have guessed that he had been on such a long journey!

Best regards,


=====Liza L. on 30/04/2013=====

Dear Linus,

You are just great !  Patty is so happy and bringing Bearbear back to New York.  She said you are the best afterall !

Cheers and hope we can have collaboration in the future !

Liza=====Mel K. on 20/04/2013=====

Bobby has arrived safe and Sound! Thanks to you!!Mel

=====R. Ng on 14/04/2013=====

Nutmeg & Nacho 已經順利返到多倫多之家,在此感謝貴司各員工所付出之努力而達成任務,非常感激!


=====Rachelle P. on 28/03/2013=====

Thank you sooooo much for these!! Made me smile :)

And yes you got red and blue the right way :)

Thanks again for everything, you really have been fabulous!!!

Rachelle :)

=====Alice T. on 27/03/2013=====

Hi Andie,

Yes, they arrived safely. Thank you very much for checking and moreover thank you for your help throughout this entire process. I am very happy with the results.


=====Maureen K. on 21/03/2013=====

Hi Linus,

Just wanted to say thank you for getting Trig to us safely. He is in good spirits, and seems to be none the worse for the trip. I really appreciate you tracking him so diligently and expediting his time in the customs office. I would not have wanted to do this alone.

Thanks, Maureen

=====Nancy R. on 20/03/2013=====

Hi Andie,

Smokey has settled very well into his new home, with many thanks to the competent and gentle care he received upon his arrival in Hong Kong from Export-a-Pet!

I did receive his original vaccination certificate which was delivered. Thank you so much for all the competent, professional, and wonderful help you offered throughout Smokey’s move. We are forever grateful we dealt with you, Linus, and your company!

Kind regards,


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